Thursday, May 5, 2011

Water Breakage

During a recent conversation with a fellow baby fantasizer, the event of water breaking came up.  She asked me whether I knew what actually, biologically, physiologically occurs when a woman's water breaks because she didn't.  I nodded and said yes, despite the fact that I didn't know either.  And then, like a true know-it-all, I began to explain what it meant.  I eventually caved sometime after I used (read: fabricated) the term "outer placenta".  We laughed at my unnecessary and sad attempt.  Then we made up a joint answer that had something to do with mucus and lining and layer and fluid.

What exactly is this water?  And what exactly is breaking?  It may aggravate you to read that I refused to look up the answer.  I'm going to again refer you my recent post, The Things I Don't (Want to) Know.  I wasn't lying.  I really don't want to know.

The more important discussion is where one wants to be when her water breaks.  This was the focal point of our conversation until we were sidetracked with details.  Working until the last moment, until the breakage occurs, seems a little much to me.  The idea of gushing on my office carpet isn't appealing and I'm pretty sure my officemate and boss would join in this sentiment.  Taking a day or two or week off before the due date seems reasonable.  Time to finish last minute preparations and secure a comfortable (and easily cleaned) location for the water breakage.  But, not everyone can afford to be willy nilly with valuable vacation time and taking days off after the birth takes priority.

It's partly a personal choice and partly a practical choice.  And sometimes the decision is made for the woman when nature unexpectedly takes course.  If you are someone who decides to work until your water breaks, my recommendation is to keep a towel and spare outfit at arms reach.  I don't know what it actually means when a woman's water breaks, but I do know that it's messy and it requires a change of clothes.

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Jaime said...

This is one of my favorite posts yet. I especially love that you coined the term "outer placenta". Who knows, maybe it will catch on...