Friday, May 13, 2011

Fabulous Mini Unitards

The vast majority of a new baby's life is spent in the classic unitard that has been aptly termed the onesie. Yes, there will be more elaborate outfits here and there, but on the whole newborns live in onesies.  The tiny one piece outfits are functional and easy, which are two major necessities for a new baby and a new mom.  But functional and easy don't have to equal boring.  Here are some great examples of unique, fun and adorable onesies.

This sweet onesie has a sweet message that I can't help but smile about.  Peace Tree Apparel will give $2.00 to the Mudula Water (go to their website to learn more) when you purchase the "One Who Is Loved" onesie.  Also, all the women's t-shirts are 10% off in May, all men's t-shirts will be 10% off in June and for both May and June there is free shipping for everything! 

by Peace Tree Apparel

This fun and funny design is made by hand pressed block printing.  Designer and maker Rabbit Apparel uses organic and recycled materials whenever possible and puts genuine thought (and love) into each piece.  There prints are all equally random and wonderful - a gold fish, tuba and dripping faucet name a few.
by Rabbit Apparel

The tie and suspenders makes these onesies perfect for a special occasion or a Monday.  BK Chic Boutique makes these classy onesies with all different tie patterns and all different suspender colors.  How amazing is the superman onesie?!?

by BK Chic Boutique

by BK Chic Boutique

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