Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Bucket List

Most do not know the gruesome origin of the term "bucket list" (it comes from the phrase "kick the bucket" which comes from a method of suicide), but most do know its meaning - a list of things that you want to do before you die.  It's not a brain buster to figure out the meaning of a baby bucket list - crazy, fun, extravagant things that you want to do before having a baby.  Not because a baby equals death!  NO.  Because these things will be more difficult (if not impossible) from pregnancy forward (or at least through toddlerhood).  Check out the website - it allows you to make your own (baby) bucket list that others can follow (to keep you honest).

My ideas below, please share yours - leave a comment with your planned or accomplished pre-baby adventure

Travel - This doesn't have to be Bali or Patagonia or some 24-hour-to-get-to-by-jet destination.  For example, I grew up in Massachusetts and have never been to Martha's Vineyard.  It's on my baby bucket list.  Maybe you've never been camping or always wanted to visit New Orleans.  Yes, a trip to Brazil would be amazing if you can afford it, but a quick babymoon to the outer banks of North Carolina would also be pretty sweet.

Physical Challenge - Not the Double Dare kind...or maybe.  These are athletic feats that you've always aspired to conquer but never had the motivation.  Being pregnant seriously limits your ability to exercise and the baby's arrival will serious limit your free time - how's that for motivation.  Get it done while you have the time and energy to do it.

  • Triathlon - The website is dedicated first time triathlon competitors and provides everything from an event calendar to training programs
  • Marathon - It takes (on average) from 16-24 weeks to train for the 26.2 mile (length of a marathon) race and around 5 hours (for a first timer) to run it.  Go to for a comprehensive database of marathons (and other length races) 
  • Adventure Race - These are races that combine athleticism with chaotic fun like Muddy Buddy, Rebel Race and Spartan Races
  • Bike Race - Go to for a full list of nationwide bike races

Things You Missed In College - College was a time of unabashed mayhem.  Minimal responsibility plus maximum consumption to cheap alcohol created lasting memories (for those who were sober enough to form them).  But not everyone went to a college with wild parties, those who did weren't necessarily in attendance (lame) and some didn't go to college period.  Before your hands are busy burping and diaper changing, maybe a quick beer funnel is in order?  Pick up A Guide to College Partying for the basics.  I don't think you'll have much trouble getting a few friends involved in these list items.

  • Kegs - Throw a keg party or at least find one so you can attempt (if not master) the keg stand
  • Beer Funnel/Bong - By clicking on the words Beer Funnel/Bong you are on your way to becoming the proud owner of the Ultimate Beer Bong. 
  • Stay up until sunrise - You can class this one up with a bottle of wine instead of a case of Milwaukee's Best and a game of Pictionary instead of Kings (refer to your copy of A Guide to College Partying if you don't know Kings).  Yes, you will likely be up at sunrise with the baby, but the circumstances of this list item should be slightly different
  • Strip Club - Enough said

Luxury Stuff - These are unnecessarily expensive material things (iPad, Manolo Blaniks, etc.) that you've always wanted but been too fiscally conservative to buy, despite having the funds.  If you don't buy it now, you won't once the baby is born.

Take a Class or Develop/Nourish a Hobby

  • Language - A DIY tool (like Rosetta Stone) or a group class are both great options.  Most major (and some non-major) cities have adult education language classes that are relatively inexpensive.  Once you've learned a little, search Craiglist for a speaking partner
  • Photography - Get yourself a sweet camera and take a photography class (again, local adult education classes are great for this)
  • Cooking - Take a cooking class for a practical and fun experience.  This would be a great couple's activity
  • Wine/Beer - Learn about wine so you don't look like an ass (like me) every time you try to spin your glass at a nice restaurant and the wine spills everywhere.  Or learn how to brew beer with a cool home brewing kit

Random - Audition for reality television or a game show, compete in a food eating contest, or try not to kick the bucket on a sky-diving and bungee jumping excursion.

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