Monday, March 3, 2014

Classic Pink Baby Shower (Round Two)

I know, I keep posting baby shower mood boards despite the fact that I've already had my baby shower (about a year and a half ago). But, there are many loved ones in my life who are expecting. And even more who I expect to expect at some point. And, it's fun. So, I'm allowed to continue mood boarding and I will.

My idea of a classic blue baby shower came together a couple years ago (here). As did my idea of a classic pink baby shower (here). But, in reviewing the classic pink baby shower post, I thought it need a bit of updating. There were some cute finds (especially that pink umbrella), but I thought I could do cuter. Here's my attempt...Jelly Belly still made the cut.

Image Sources Below

Where To Find These Lovely Items

Girl! Invitation from
Little One Tags by Wild Sugar Berries
Pink-a-boo Nail Polish by Essie
Pink Grapefruit Jelly Bean from Jelly Belly
Tissue Paper Potted Flower by Old Ways Fuss N Feathers
Pink Paper Lanterns by Janie Girl Crafts

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