Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Push Presents

A recent episode of Pregnant in Heels introduced me to the term "push present."  It's a gift given to a new mother from a new father as a thank you for all that pushing.  I love it.  The term implies a natural delivery, but (of course) includes Cesarean sections.  Though new fathers can't help in the long and excruciating labor process, they can help in the recovery process with some pampering, affection and material gratitude.  Apparently Nicole Kidman got a $120k diamond and emerald cross from Keith Urban as a push present for their new daughter Faith, and Ms. Kidman did zero pushing thanks to her surrogate.  I'm not sure if use of a surrogate fits into the technical definition of push present, but I'm not sure Nicole or Keith technically cared.  On the other hand, according to my favorite resource (urbandictionary.com) a push present is usually of "high quality," which certainly describes Nicole's cross.

Push presents are not limited to the rich, famous and indulgent.  To get started finding the perfect push present for your perfect pusher (babies not drugs), check out needapushpresent.com.  It's a website dedicated to this hot maternity trend and has tons of ideas for all price ranges and all kinds of moms-to-be.  Also check out the ideas and amazing products below.

JEWELRYJewelry is a standard push present for good reason.  When most things in a new mother's life will instantly turn practical, an impractical treat would be thoroughly appreciated.  
This necklace just might be the push present that I someday subtly request (read: not subtly demand).  It is from the Sundance Catalog and birth stones can be added for future family members.

via Sundance Catalog

This gorgeous clam shell locket by Eclectic Wendy Designs is sterling silver and comes with a Swarovski crystal charm.  The birth date, weight, length, time and the baby's name are hand stamped into the metal.  Eclectic Wendy Designs is offering a 10% discount to Next Stop - Baby readers with the coupon code: NextStopBaby

by Eclectic Wendy Designs
by Eclectic Wendy Designs

This gorgeous charm necklace is handmade by Metal Pressions.  It's made of sterling silver and completely customizable: text, font, chain length, layout, etc.

by Metal Pressions

PAMPERING - Massages, facials, manicures/pedicures and any old spa treatment will be much appreciated by the super sore, exhausted new mommy.  A spa gift certificate with a door-to-door pick up and drop off could be perfection.  But, know your lady because she may not want to part with her little one, for anything.  Spa included.  In that case, bring the spa to her.
This spa gift set by T-aromas comes with lotion, massage oil, sugar scrub, shower gel, bath salts and a candle.  The full package.  And you choose your fragrance: peppermint and jasmine, grapefruit and pomegranate, orange and teak, eucalyptus and bergamot or lavender and moroccan mint.  

by T-aromas

This eye pillow by Raw & Repurposed is made from recycled or repurposed 100% cotton fabric and contains a combination of lavender, rice and flax.  It can be heated or cooled and the lavender provides soothing aromatherapy.  Raw & Repurposed is generously offering a 10% discount through June 5, 2011 with the coupon code: ECOCALM10     

by Raw & Repurposed

MOTHER BABY BONDING - A gift that will focus on the mother-baby relationship is ideal.  This is a practical gift, a sentimental gift and can certainly be a luxury gift.

A rocking chair is an amazing gift for a new mom because it is practical, beautiful and timeless.  This rocking chair is handcrafted by Patchwoodrockers.  It is made of salvaged and reclaimed wood and finished with a water based polycrylic.  

by Patchwoodrockers

by Patchwoodrockers

And what better pillow to decorate a rocking chair then this adorable mama pillow by Three Peas.  The cover is removable for easy washing, which is a necessity given the abundance of barf, poop and spit up that will become regular occurrences.  Use the coupon code NEXTSTOP10 to get a 10% discount through May 31, 2011!!!

by Three Peas


Mother of Pearl said...

My "push present" was a new little diamond added to my ring that already had two rubies (symbolizing mom & dad). As my family grew, my ring also expanded.

Dan MacTiernan said...

Thanks Leah - such a great post!

Check out my latest "push present" post featuring Personalization Mall - *the* place to visit on the web for cost effective, but sentimental and instant-keepsake gifts. http://t.co/MfJDLu8

Also - we keep a full list of all new-mom celebrities and the outrageous push present gifts the receive.


Def a fun read, and as the push presents become a bigger cultural norm in the US, there's always another celeb worth covering (recently there was Rachel Zoe of Bravo fame and of course, Mariah Carey!).

Anonymous said...

Push Presents are the best way to show a new mother that she is loved and appreciated. I got the best push present for my twins, a Petaled Rose Pendant from Juno Lucina! It's beautiful and perfectly symbolizes our love for our boys. http://www.jlucina.com is their website :)