Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Milk and Cookies Themed Baby Shower, MMMMMM Good

Everyone loves the classic treat of milk and cookies, which is why everyone will love a milk and cookie themed baby shower.  And, for the party host, this theme handles the hardest part of the planning - the menu.  First, the menu is of course non-alcoholic, but can easily be spiced up with some cool alcoholic drinks that feature milk, like eggnog, Russians and spiked lattes/chai tea/hot chocolates.  Next, the menu is simple yet appeals to all kinds.  Last, it's an easy DIY menu and just as easy OIY (order it yourself) menu. 

The Invitation

This invitation by Scrap Your Story is fantastic.  It is handmade and can be customized by color, though I dig the standard milk and cookie colors.  Or, maybe switching up the chocolate brown for black?  Scrap Your Story also makes coordinating party essentials: cupcake toppers, banners, thank you cards, etc.  For Next Stop - Baby readers use the coupon code NEXTSTOPBABY for a 10% discount!!!

by Scrap Your Story

The Milk

The milk can be a dessert all unto itself - think strawberry, chocolate and vanilla milk.  Or get a little nutty with pistachio (huh).  How about milk shakes?!  My favorite.

To display the milk try some old fashion milk bottles.  The bottles below are vintage and sold by Mellow Mermaid.  They add some fun and beauty to the decor.  

by Mellow Mermaid

The vintage milk bottles below are sold on, which is a great resource for these accessories.  Click HERE to look at a bunch of options from Amazon.

For the guests drinking pleasure, fun straws are a must.  These fantastic paper straws by Isa Kay Boutique are festive and eco-friendly.  You can choose from a variety of colors and your purchase comes with a digital download so you can design and print your own straw flags (see below).

by Isa Kay Boutique

by Isa Kay Boutique

The Cookies

Variety is key.  Start with the standards, like chocolate chip, peanut butter, gingersnap, basic sugar or oatmeal raisin.  And then get as crazy as you want.  Maybe go old school with the perfect milk dipping cookies: Oreos!!!  Or, find a cookie theme like fruit (lemon, raspberry, etc.) or cultural (Italian, French, etc.) or chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.  
For a perfectly baby themed and polished look, check out these awesome cookies by A Cookie Jar.  They are almost too beautiful to eat.  

baby blocks


mini baby bottles

Every good cookie needs a good napkin to catch those crumbs.  These are the perfect napkins for the job.  Made by The Paper Hat, these napkins don the classic cookie phrase: Omm. Nom. Nom. (think: Cookie Monster).  They come in a variety of colors for easy coordination with your scheme.

by The Paper Hat

The Decorations

The milk and cookies package by Wants & Wishes makes for easy decorating.  It includes everything you see in the photo below and more, plus there are tons of color choices.  Keep in mind that it's a digital download, so you print everything yourself.

by Wants & Wishes

by Wants & Wishes



Coll said...

What an adorable theme! It would truly be the cutest and most delicious baby shower!!

WW said...

I need to throw a baby shower in the next couple months, but (although this is an incredibly great idea) we are kind of health freaks. Any ideas?

MellowMermaid said...
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MellowMermaid said...

What A Lovely, Sweet, Baby Loving Mommy Blog! I'll be following closely. Happy Mother's Day to All!