Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Slightly Scared of Being Pregnant In Heels

Bravo's new show Pregnant in Heels provides quite a bit of fodder for discussion.  So let's get started.

The shows host, Rosie Pope, is incredibly likable.  She strikes a great balance of blunt and sweet, which helps me get over her annoyingly statuesque figure and all-American look.  She's British, of course.  Something about her was instantly familiar to me (like I'd seen her in a recent rom com), so I googled her.  Turns out she has no prior history per imdb.com, but what she does have is people everywhere wondering whether she is deaf.  Websites, blogs and online Q&A forums are full of people debating whether she has a hearing disability.  Yes, it's impossible not to notice that something is going on there, but of ALL the madness the show presents I'm boggled by the extreme interest in the hostess's speech.

Here are a few things about Pregnant in Heels that I find more interesting than Rosie Pope's accent/speech impediment/lisp/whatever:

  1. After systematically reviewing the names of all 2010 Harvard and Yale graduates, one couple used a focus group to consider and debate their top choice names.  After all, a name is a first impression, is a brand, is the foundation to a successful and fabulous life.
  2. A pregnant bride's dog peed on her wedding dress.  Not near, but ON.  Not a tinkle but a whole mini bladder of urine.  The bride's reaction: lift the dress to let the pee roll off and resume berating her mother and stepmother.
  3. This is a two-parter: 1) a husband commented that his 8 month pregnant wife should "force herself" to have sex with him (because she had lost interest during the pregnancy), and 2) Rosie made said jackhole husband wear a 30 lb. fake baby belly while he knelt on all fours and considered how sexy he felt. 
  4. Rosie asked a couple (husband from #3 and his wife) to place a video camera in their bedroom to record their nightly ritual, which would then be viewed by Rosie and a sex therapist.  The couple obliged.
  5. A mother-to-be unzipped a mini garment bag to reveal her unborn baby's "take me home" outfit that she had special ordered online.  She didn't have stroller.

Amongst all the online chatter, I was unable to determine whether Miss Pope is deaf or otherwise hearing disabled.  I was also unable to determine whether wedding guests were able to see or smell the remnants of dog urine on the wedding dress (#2 above), which is of far greater interest to me.


Lia Capri said...

Speaking of Pregnant in Heels being scary did you see Posh Spice at the Royal wedding fully pregnant in 8 inch heels?!

Leah (it's me) said...

Of course I saw!! Is it wrong that I admire her? I shy away from heels when I'm going to have to walk more than a block or stand more than a minute. She is perpetually fierce.