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Nine Month Abs

After a long hiatus, guest blogging is back today - with a BANG.  And an ouch two days later, from soreness.  W. Wilson has a degree in fitness and nutrition, owns and teaches at a gym and boasts a serious six pack.  She's also one of the funniest people I know.  In the world.  I'm so grateful for her contribution to Next Stop - Baby.

As a trainer, it is important for me to know the goals and limitations of my clients.  So when Brook, a 32-year-old recently married client of mine, confided in me that she was pregnant, I knew we had to make some changes to her exercise routine.  Her pre-knocked-up workouts were intense for anyone NOT smuggling a watermelon, let alone full blown prego.  However, against her doctor's orders (who said not to lift anything heavier than 5 lbs), I wasn't completely ready to trade in tire flipping and sledge hammer swinging for Zumba hip circles quite yet.

I did a quick search on (which has made me a complete hypochondriac by turning every symptom I have ever had into cancer) and found that they recommend 30 minutes of light exercise each day such as walking, biking, swimming, or rowing.  Unconvinced, I continued to, my usual second opinion.  They believe that as long as you were active before pregnancy, there is no reason you cannot continue with your normal routine within reason.  In fact, they even said exercise could decrease backaches associated with pregnancy and build stamina needed for delivery.  Score!

Keep in mind: one should not let her heart rate go over 140 beats per minute.  The fetal heart rate is tied to your own.  If your heart is racing, so is your little one's.

One should also avoid exercises that my create impact, such as kettlebell swings, and exercises causing instability and risk for falling like gymnastics, skiing and horseback riding.  Of course, like every exercise program, you should consult your doctor before beginning.  Preferably one that does not look like this:


I went with Brook to the local Walmart to purchase a heart rate monitor and advised her to visit where she could find great modifications for exercises done pre-pregnancy.

via Cross Fit Mom
Using a box or a step for pushups leaves plenty of room for your growing belly

via Cross Fit Mom
Ring rows are a great substitute for pullups

Many times the movement does not have to change, just the intensity.  The trainer from (Andrea) also provides dos and don'ts categorized by trimester.

via Cross Fit Mom
This mom-to-be chooses a lighter weight instead of 9 months on the couch

Brook is nearly 5 months into her pregnancy now and continues to monitor her heart rate, taking breaks in her workout as necessary.  She finds that staying with her exercise program gives her more energy and makes her feel less bloated and "fat."  I would say it is working.

via Cross Fit Carolina Beach

via Cross Fit Carolina Beach

by W.Wilson

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