This Blogger

I am a mommy, so (technically) this is a mommy blog...though I'm really squeamish about the word mommy unless it's coming out of my toddler's mouth.  I'm perfectly comfortable with mother or mom, for the record.

When I began Next Stop Baby, I was not a mother and I had never been pregnant.  My idea was that I would share stories and brainstorm nursery ideas from the perspective of not being there yet.

Here was my original description of "This Blogger":

What I am is a married woman who is entertaining the idea...of entertaining the idea...of starting a family.  I'm an outsider to the world of mommyhood and babies and pregnancy, but I very much hope to someday be an insider.  Just not yet.  My stories come from friends and family, observations during my daily commute on the New York City subway system, eaves-dropping on coworkers, neighbors and just about anyone, watching Teen Mom and searching urbandictionary, wikipedia and the internet in general.

But then, halfway through my blogging journey, I got there.  And then, I stopped blogging.  For a bit.  I took a maternity leave, if you will.  At the beginning of 2014, I came back with a new and evolved purpose, which began with Next Stop Baby turning into Next Stop (Another) Baby.  After blogging for nearly three years and being a mom for almost half that time, I'm starting to kind of maybe consider baby number two.  Let's say, it's on the table for discussion.  And so, these days, I'm writing about all the big and small considerations one ponders for baby number two.

Read my First Post to get a sense of my original inspiration.  Read my Refresher Post to get a sense of my current inspiration.