Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Proper Farewell

Clearly, I'm checked out of this whole blogging thing.  And I apologize for not giving you a proper farewell three weeks ago.  Better late than never?

Motherhood is time consuming.  I've found a groove and I'm back to showering and using the bathroom at regular intervals, but true "free time" is rare.  While I could continue to blog, I know I could find fifteen minutes here or there, I'm going to hold off.  I don't want to serve up half-arsed posts twice a month.  That's not cool.  Not cool for you - you should be able to count on a five minute break from life that's worth your five minutes.  Not cool for me - I love writing and don't want to throw together grammatically incorrect, misspelled, boring nonsense.

So, I'm (finally) saying farewell.  It's been fantastic.  I've so enjoyed our exchanges, I'm no doubt a better mother for them.  I won't say goodbye forever, but farewell for the foreseeable future.  Thanks for reading.  Truly.

I will remain available for a chat at