Friday, March 7, 2014

Apollo, ScarJo and Celebrity Baby Soccer Tournaments

It's Friday again (NICE) and it's again time for a weekly summary of celebrity gossip, baby style. My last roundup can be found here, in case you missed it.

Our week started, on Saturday (3/1), with the birth of Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale. Apollo is the third son for Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Between all three of their boy name choices, this one is only moderately unique. Their first born, Kingston James McGregor, is the most standard, their second born, Zuma Nesta Rock, is the most creative (obviously) and Apollo sits in the middle, leaning toward standard. Gavin Rossdale's Twitter birth announcement and explanation of the name's meaning is...confusing, upon first read. Does Apollo have more than one mother? Does Gwen Stefani have more than one maiden name? No and no. Bowie is Rossdale's mother's maiden name. Flynn is Stefani's mother's maiden name. I'm guessing most of you figured this out right away. I didn't.

Scarlett Johansen is pregnant. She may not have beaten Ryan Reynolds to marriage number two, but she is officially going to beat him to baby number one. Unless I've missed the news that Blake Lively is pregnant as well? I'm interested to watch this one progress. I can't picture her pregnant, though I'm guessing her bra is going to give Kim Kardashian's bra a run for its money. And I wonder what kind of baby namer she will be. Will she bend to the Hollywood pressure and try to find the last unique name in the world or will she surprise us with an Emma or Jacob?

Last, but certainly not least, Fraser is going to be a father for the sixth time. He will be officially even with the Jolie-Pitt squad, except that the age range of the Grammer brood is significantly more expansive. There will be a 21 year difference between the oldest and the youngest. In a couple years, when baby Grammer is walking, they should do a Grammer versus Jolie-Pitt soccer game or something. 

Happy almost weekend.

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