Sunday, February 20, 2011


I never heard of the term babymoon until a few months ago.  And suddenly it's a conversation staple.   So, what is a babymoon?  A babymoon is a couple's vacation with a special purpose (note the likeness to the word honeymoon).  But, that special purpose has ranging definitions.

Here are the two ways it has been defined to me 1) a couple's last hurrah before charging full force into the "trying" phase of family planning, or 2) the official kick off of the "trying" phase.  These play out into two very different vacations.  The first would be something like a zip-lining, whitewater rafting, jungle adventure in Costa Rica or a booze cruise through the Carribbean.  The second would be more laid back and romantic.  A secluded beach on St. Bart or a leisurely tour of southern Italy.

Turns out there is another, prevalent definition that I was unaware of until writing this post - a vacation that a couple takes during the pregnancy.  Some last minute rest and relaxation before the baby arrives.  I know there are rules about not traveling while pregnant.  I don't know exactly what the rules entail (please feel free to enlighten me), but I assume they don't conflict with this version of the babymoon because the trusted experts at (the online version of Parents magazine) have recommendations for the 8 Best Babymoon Trips.  These are "pregnancy-friendly" vacations.  Who knew?

Last, the Urban Dictionary has its own, unique definitions of babymoon.  Of course.  There are two definitions.  One describes the period of time before the baby is born and one describes the period of time after the baby is born.  And both descriptions involve the mother laying around and eating bon bons.  Interesting.

I'm more into the vacation definitions, though I always get a kick out of Urban Dictionary.  Any excuse for a vacation is a good excuse to me.  And I count three excuses all from one word.

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