Monday, October 10, 2011

More Hats (Because I'm Obsessed)

This is the fifteenth third time that I'm writing about baby hats (here and here are two other posts).  I love hats in general and especially baby hats, which you've probably guessed by now.  Today's hat theme (there must always be a theme) is unusual, amazing and in some cases over-the-top baby hats.  Yes, that's more like three themes, but check out these hats and you'll understand why.  Bonus: Just add a matching onesie to any of these baby hats for this year's Halloween costume.

The Finding Nemo Hat by Knit Nut by JL is available in
two sizes: small (3-12 months) and large (1-3 years).

This Dino Hat by Babies Bugs and Bees comes preemie to 6 months.  
If you're dinosaur obsessed like me (more dinosaur posts here and here), 
this hat is an obvious choice for Halloween.

This Green Monster Hat by Fashion Touch is sized for newborns and is perfect 
for a Bostonian baby (it's a Red Sox reference for those who don't know).

This Little Lamb Hat by Ravel is made to order and can fit all size baby heads.
It's adorable.  That's fall-winter-spring adorable (not just Halloween). 

This Tiger Hat by Our Cozy Cottage is sized for 0-3 months.  
Add a little orange onesie and you have a Ggggggg-reat Halloween costume.