Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dino Shower, Rawr

You know from my post A Dinosaur Tribute that I love dinosaurs.  Not only do they inspire great gifts, but they are a fun, gender neutral baby shower theme.  Here are some (inexpensive) ideas for throwing a first class dino themed baby shower.

Invitations - Let's start with the invitations because that's where the shower itself will start.  Here are a couple cool options from Etsy.
This invitation is from Jayme Marie paper designs.  The example below is for a 5th birthday, but Jayme Marie assures me that the design can be easily customized for a baby shower.  She makes the custom design, you buy the pdf file and print it at home or at your local print shop.  I love the shape, which fits in a standard business envelope. 

This baby shower invitation (below) is designed and customized by AKSheridan.  It is also a printable invitation (you buy the file and print yourself) and is also adorable.  I love the multi-color "Baby."    

Color Scheme - Different shades of green with touches of accent color would be wonderfully dinosaur-esque.  For example, green napkins and paper products (plates and cups) and purple and yellow balloons with all three colors used to decorate the cake.  These green paper napkins are $1.89 (per 50 pack).  Cheap and perfect.

Balloons - Don't underestimate the power of balloons.  They turn any occasion into a party.  These polka dot balloons by Blooming Babies Market (below) are $8.50/dozen or $12.75/eighteen.  While they are not dino-shaped and don't have dancing dinosaur patterns, they are tasteful, fun and can easily work within your theme without over saturating it.  You can mix and match your order with any color combination.

Dessert - Baby shower guests love (and expect) food.  Desserts are always a hit.  It might be a little much to make a dinosaur shaped cake, so how about some cupcakes in dinosaur cupcake liners.  I also found a dinosaur cupcake kit (below) that includes both cupcake liners and toppers.  Genius.  And I love these adorable toppers by Snippy Lou's (below).  They can be color customized!

by Snippy Lous


Favors and Gifts - How about dinosaur cookie cutters.  There is nothing like a TRex shaped sugar cookie.  Or a dinosaur sandwich crust cutter?  It removes the crust and gives you two perfectly shaped brontosaurus halves.


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