Friday, October 7, 2011

Stuff People Google 21

At first glance, this phrase creeped me out.  I considered it somewhat akin to Casey Anthony googling "chloroform".  But then I imagined the following scenario: Wife catches baby playing with bucket while being supervised by Husband.  Wife yells at Husband for allowing baby to play with bucket because it's dangerous.  Husband defends his actions by stating that Wife is crazy and buckets aren't dangerous.  Wife goes to computer and searches the following phrase in hopes to win the fight.

babies dying from buckets

Ponder all this for a while, then meet me back here at 1 pm.  It's a double post day!!!  I'm going to answer a question that I promised I would.  


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!

Kroogle said...

Also sad... if you put in "Babies dying from" in Google, the first suggested search term is "Babies dying from lack of touch" :-/

Mother of Pearl said...

"Pat The Bunny" is the original touchy baby book. fyi.

WW said...

We have a large 5 gallon bucket at work that held feta cheese at one time (a whole lot of feta cheese). One the side there is a warning label that shows a baby falling head first into the bucket.

It makes me giggle every time but clearly some baby at some time fell into a bucket much like the one at work making it necessary to put the warning on it.

So when it comes to the argument...I am siding with the wife.