Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Bears

The number of baby bears per capita has exploded over the past 6 months.

NOT this kind of baby bear.

(image here)

This kind of baby bear.

Technically, this is a mini monkey (by Cite Fuzz - see more below)  

Those who live in warmer climates may not be privy to this adorable trend, but it exists.  In fact I'm weary of calling it a trend and more inclined to call it a near over-saturated obsession.  Babies sporting eared hats are everywhere.  I have even seen the double ear effect when the baby is wearing an eared hat under a snowsuit with an eared hood.

To be fair, these eared hats are not exclusively bears.  There are baby bunnies, baby kittens, baby raccoons and I even found a baby bear clown (check it out and other absurdly precious hats by Etsy crafter NYrika).  I think that takes it too far, yes?

Some of these cute hats are finding their way onto adult heads.  I had the fortune (or misfortune) of walking on Canal Street a few weeks ago.  Along with fake Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel perfume there were racks and racks of eared hats.  And plenty of happy customers, all of whom appeared old enough to get into an NC-17 movie without hassle.

My husband joined a rock climbing gym this January.  After his first time trying it out he came home reporting that the rock climbing was great, but the rock climbers were a little odd.  There was a shirtless guy in an eared panda bear hat who spent an hour stalking around and scoping his path to the ceiling.  Never actually climbing.  Turns out this guy is a regular at the gym and a regular with his chest-baring panda look.  I think he sounds about as creepy as Pee-wee Herman circa 1991.  But, I'm guessing he thinks he is out-hipping the Williamsburg hipster.

My vote - let's leave the eared hats to the babies.

Both of these adorable Mini Monkey hats are made by Canadian Etsy crafter, Cite Fuzz.  They come in a range of colors and sizes.  And, they were recently sported by the genetically fashion forward twins of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.  And there are organic cotton options too!

Photo by Krystyle Stetson

This Mischievous Fox hat (actual name of hat) is made by Lemonade Couture.  Each hat is individually crocheted for unique, handmade cuteness.

Check out for eared animal hats that are handmade from recycled fleece.  An option for the eco-friendly, global warming believer.  I count myself in their company.


Kendall (On An Inhale) said...

Khloe Kardashian also wore a hideous eared hat. I love them on baies. Great pictures!

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