Monday, March 7, 2011

A Dinosaur Tribute

Did you know that the pterodactyl is not a dinosaur?  Rather, it is (was) a flying reptile of sorts.  But not technically a dinosaur.

The Land Before Time was one of my favorite movies as a child.  It had it all: adventure, fear-inducing thrill, heartfelt moments between friends and the ultimate battle of good versus evil.  A true coming of age piece played out through an amazing journey to The Great Valley.  I was obsessed with Littlefoot and his clan of misfit friends.  I have vivid memories of my brother and I sitting on the plaid patterned couch in our playroom (read: half-finished basement), eating string cheese and debating which character was our favorite.  Quotes like "Sharp Tooth!"  and "yep, yep, yep" remain stored in my memory from incessant viewing sessions.

String cheese and The Land Before Time are two of the infinite and important treasures of my childhood.  Treasures that I hope to share with my future little family members.  I won't and can't forget the day my mom made me listen to Free to Be You and Me by Marlo Thomas & Friends.  She took out the record from the special record cabinet and delicately slid it on the record player (yes, we had records and a record player in my house).  She switched the knob "on," flipped down the needle and closed her eyes as the music began.  And we listened.  Together.  Granted, it was probably more awkward than it was sentimental.  It's awkward just writing about it.  But, it's certainly a memory I will never forget.

I realize that there will be new, fancy, 3D, HD, super-technologically-impressive animated movies of the moment to watch and enjoy.  I also realize that string cheese is just short step above Velveeta.  But, I plan to sneak in some old school dino time with my child(ren).  As long as I don't whip out a VHS tape and VCR I should be ahead of the curve.  I just have to hope that someone has been genius enough to convert The Land Before Time to blu-ray...or at least DVD.  Cringe-worthy moments between family are the better portion of lasting memories for most people.  I suffered through Marlo's peace-loving harmonies, my kids can suffer through a bit of corny dinosaur adventure.  

Here are some of my favorite dinosaur baby stuff.

These Bison Booties are amazing.  So cute.  I'm sure you agree. They are handmade in a smoke-free, pet-free studio and come in a range of patterns.  And, they can be customized by size and pattern.

You remember Auntie Jill.  She makes the personalized minky snuggle bunnies.  This is her Rockin Dinosaur Plush.  A slightly scary plesiosaur.  I love it!

These onesies are designed by a team of sisters that make up PAWLING.  Their minimalistic design is perfect for your chic newborn who already knows a great thing (a dinosaur) when he or she sees it.

This is an on-the-go changing kit from DillyBaby.  The kit includes the zipper case, a changing pad, 2 diapers and a reusable case of wipes.  This sweet dinosaur pattern is just one of many offered.


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hooray for dinosaurs!! thanks so much for including our onesies =)