Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome to the World

I have a birth announcement on my fridge from an April birth.  It's more like a reminder and less like an announcement after all these months.  I'm not a pack rat or a hoarder, not in the extreme sense (we've all seen at least a clip of TLC's Hoarders...).  And, when it comes to my fridge, I usually cycle through features regularly.  But, the photos on the birth announcement are so damn cute that I can't bare to throw it away.  It makes me smile every time I get the milk.

In my former, non-baby-crazed life, I thought birth announcements were a waste of good paper stock.  Today, I adore them.  I don't live next door to (or even in the same state as) many of my friends who are bringing on the next generation.  A photo birth announcement brings the baby to me and to my fridge where I can check out those chubby cheeks every morning.  And, it's snail mail, which I love.

Each of these Etsy crafters makes modern, simple and fabulous birth announcements.  All the announcements below are $15 for the digital file.  Contact the vendors directly for quotes on professional printing and to check out other great designs from their shops.

by Dena Design

by Cards Etcetera 

by West Willow 

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Kroogle said...

I'm thinking about sending one of these out for my birthday next year, with a picture of me in the fetal position cursing my age. Thoughts?