Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Regrettable Booties

A quick and special weekend posting.  Quick because it's nearly over and special because I rarely post on the weekends.

I came across these baby booties on Etsy a couple days ago.  They're made from actual Crown Royal bags.  Now, maybe you think these are just about the sweetest things ever and you want your 3 month old to sport them with a purple velour smoker's jacket...but me, I thought they were all wrong, in the funniest way possible.  The product description notes that they were featured on  Have you ever been to  If not, click here now and be prepared to laugh your ass off yourself silly for the next several hours. 

brought to you by Foxy Pants


Foxypants said...

Hi there:) I make and sell these booties on Etsy! It definitely sounds like you understand where I am coming from with them...pretty, funny...but they seem oh-so-wrong! Thanks for putting them on your blog, all the web traffic they have gotten from Regretsy and the like has been great for business:)

Leah (it's me) said...

Foxypants - I'm a huge fan. I think you have an awesome sense of humor and love those booties!!!