Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bumper Alert

Being a baby blogger has inspired all sorts of people to send me photos, products, news articles and ideas about babies.  Not a day goes by that I don't find some baby blog related idea in my email inbox.  It's fabulous.  It sort of feels like group blogging.  I love it.

It's probably an appropriate moment to thank everyone who sends me all the wonderful tidbits - THANK YOU!  Keep 'em coming!

And now, an important baby topic that I discovered thanks to multiple lovely friends: bumpers.  Not the bumpers on the backs of cars that look like scrap metal after a couple years living in NYC (writing from personal experience).  Not bumpers as in the rubber strips along the sides of a bowling lane and prevent your big ball from sliding into the gutter.  Bumpers as in the padding that lines the inner sides of a crib.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics - crib bumpers are bad.  Bad as in get them out of your baby's crib and throw them in the garbage.  Just yesterday I was directed to an article on (thanks friend!) that explained the potential dangers of crib bumpers.  They can injure or even kill (by suffocation or strangulation) a baby.  While I can't explain the medicine or the science better than CNN already has (so check out the article here), I can point you in the direction of crib bedding that doesn't include bumpers...which is somewhat hard to find.  Typically crib bedding comes in three or four piece sets: sheets, crib skirt, bumper and sometimes a quilt.  But now that we know bumpers are bad, let's not waste money on them, right?

If you avoid the "collections" and check out the nursery basics
you can purchase the crib skirt and sheets separately.  

Everything can be purchased a la carte a Pottery Barn Kids.  

Only the sheets come on there own (here), everything else is packaged in a bedding set.  Boo.

Everything comes separate at Babies R Us, fantastic.  But...the cuteness options are slim pickins.  

Where did you get your bedding?  Did you get a set or separate pieces?  Did you read about the bumper news?  Thoughts?


The Mrs./The Mom said...

There are 2 different options (from my research) for the traditional bumpers. You can do breathable bumpers- which is just a bumper that is a mesh material which is designed to prevent suffocation. There is also wonder bumpers- check it out at I suppose it's a nice alternative to the traditional bumpers.

Leah (it's me) said...

Great comment from The Mrs. Thanks!

I also received an email comment on this post that I'd like to share:

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