Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gender Neutral Nursery - Brainstorm

I've written plenty of posts on gender neutral nurseries (plenty = five).  There was yesterday's post on an orange nursery (here) and earlier posts on a gray and yellow nursery (here), a fish themed nursery (here), an owl themed nursery (here), and a neutral toned nursery (here).

Remember all these lovely products and images?

Orange and white everything

Grey and yellow art

Fish pillows

Owl bedding

Neutral colored everything

It seems I've instinctively focused my nursery suggestions to color and animals.  Meaning, I've left a lot untouched - polka dots, plaid, Winnie the Pooh, fabric textures, jungle, ocean...and a lot of other stuff.  What have you seen lately by way of gender neutral nurseries?  What unisex scheme did you choose or will you choose?  Do you agree that owls are way overplayed in nursery decorating and baby products in general?

I on purpose accidentally forgot that I also wrote about a Peter Rabbit themed nursery (check it out here...if you want).


The Mrs./The Mom said...

I did a I did a gender neutral nursery as I chose not to find out my baby's gender. NOw that I know he is a boy- I plan to add in some gender appropriate accessories and personalized items.

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