Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feeling Moody

Today - my first mood board.  In an attempt to be a real blogger, I'm doing what real bloggers do.  I've made a mood board.  As a virgin mood boarder, I did a little research to determine exactly what I was doing.  According to my beloved UrbanDictionary, a mood board is:

1) A collage or collation of images and text expressing a certain topic or subject, often used to generate ideas or for project work.  Getting past the "mood board" stage of a project is often a big step for anyone who thinks they are soled.
2) An idiot's idea of hard work

I'm not sure which definition is more funny - the first for its complete disregard of the English language or the second for its substance.  Either way, turns out I didn't make a mood board.  I made more of a "stuff I think is great" board.  

My inspiration is a tiny, urban nursery.  I read a couple of nursery decor blogs like Chic Cheap Nursery and Project Nursery.  I love to see the design ideas and now that I'm a pseudo baby blogger it's good to keep up with other baby blogging peeps.  But, there's a huge assumption made by these nursery decor blogs (my favs included): the parents-to-be have a whole room that they can dedicate to a nursery.  Some of in one bedroom apartments.  This means that one room will serve as the bedroom for the parents and the newborn.  And who wants to turn their bedroom into a Winnie the Pooh meets Lemonade and Sunshine nursery?   

So, my "mood" is neutral colored (white, beige and grey) decor that works in a bedroom and a nursery.

It's my first shot at this, so be easy.

  1. 8 x 10 Heart Print from Aidari - The simplicity of the design is mature and the message is fitting without being cheesy.  Though sometimes acceptable in nurseries, cheesy doesn't fly in the bedroom-nursery uni-room.
  2. Benjamin Moore Natura Paint in Hot Spring Stone - It's the Switzerland of colors, so very neutral.  The grey undertone is soothing and there's something striking about it, though it feels akin to a blank canvas.
  3. Herringbone Throw by Serena & Lily - It's hand woven in Maine, comes in a five gorgeous colors and would be perfect draped over a rocking chair or wrapped around an exhausted mother and sleeping baby.
  4. Owl Pillow from Classic By Nature - The owl applique is made of faux white leather and the background is made of grey twill cotton.  It's modern and grown up, but the owl image still brings in a playful vibe that is apropos for a nursery.
  5. White Chandelier Mobile from Lil Sprout Creations - Pretty.  So pretty.  This mobile has the whimsy suitable for nursery and the elegance suitable for a bedroom.
  6. Owl Table Lamp from West Elm - It comes in white (above) or gunmetal.  The owl decor thing is trendy right now in nurseries and non-nurseries alike, for good reason.  It's simultaneously non-serious and serious - a fun contradiction in terms. 


WW said...

Love all of these ideas! I love nurseries in warm gender neutral colors.

Anonymous said...

I love these ideas too! especially the herringbone throw.....just wish it was more like $25 & the owl lamp. Since we're renters, I will not paint my nursery, so most of our stuff will be neutral as well, so this post gives me some great ideas! I will attempt to take some of my old, crappy furniture and repaint/distress it to use in the nursery and to add some color. If they turn out okay, I'll share some photos of the pieces once it's done.

~Kate (aka...WW's friend)

Gypsy Lane Designs said...

I think you did a great job!! Even if you do have a room to designate as a nursery, I dont think everyone buys into a "Winnie The Pooh Meets Lemonade and Sunshine Nursery."

I have a blog where I also discuss nursery decor and my friend just directed me to a site where you can create your own inspiration boards. I havent tried it out yet but it looks really cool! Its called

By the way, I am a new follower and found you on Top Baby Blogs!

Classic by Nature said...

Beautiful list, I really like the concept! You've manage to inspire an elegant, modern and natural decor.

Leah (it's me) said...

Thanks everyone! I chose items that I would want for my own nursery/bedroom, so it's a very authentic collection. And I totally agree that even those who can dedicate an entire room for a nursery aren't necessarily interested in going uber colorful and playful.

Kate (aka friend of WW) - You've totally inspired another post with some similar but less expensive options for the throw and lamp. I've already collected a few! Stay tuned.

TearDrop Weddings said...

Spruce up your baby's nursery with these really adorable & whimsical prints :)