Monday, November 14, 2011

Technical Difficulties

A number of faithful fans and first time readers have let me know about some repeated technical difficulties that Next Stop Baby has suffered.

Commenting - There was a long standing issue with the commenting function.  I got many an email ( informing me that a comment had been attempted and failed.  It took a lot of researching and tweaking, but I think I've finally resolved this one.  Yes?  Anyone have commenting issues lately?

RSS Feed - Recently I've been getting feedback that my RSS Feed is busted.  I haven't a clue how this happened or why, but I wanted to update you that I'm working on it....which could take a while.  The commenting fix came about after 6 months of efforts.  In the meantime, you can subscribe to Next Stop Baby: there is a "Follow by Email" function on the right side of your computer screen (scroll down).  By entering your email address you will receive an email every time I post something new and once in a while when I update or correct an old post (grammar mishaps get even the best of us).  

Thank you for letting me know when things don't work and please continue to do so.  AND, come back at noon for a real post!  


Mother of Pearl said...
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Mother of Pearl said...

Yes, I noticed trouble with posting a comment when the process changed a few weeks ago. I got in the habit of copying my comment in case it glitched and I had to try again. Now it seems to be working fine (but just in case I will copy this!)

PS It glitched... this is the message that came up: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration. The second time around, it seemed to recognize my Google nomer. So just try again.