Monday, November 21, 2011

Telltale Signs

Technically, us ladies are physically ready to have a baby the moment we get our first period, but it usually takes a bit longer for our hearts and brains to catch up.  When the stars align and that full mind-body-soul-readiness manifests itself, articulating the feeling can be difficult.  Being "ready" to have a baby is a funny thing.  It's a state of being, an abstract idea that can't really be described in terms of how or why it comes about.  It's like loving someone - you can describe all the things that you love about a person, but describing the emotion itself is hard (if not impossible) to do.  On the other hand, actions tend to speak louder than words (or so the saying goes) and there seem to be a few telltale signs of a "ready" person.

Fiscal prioritizing.  All of the sudden trying the hottest restaurant, buying the newest seasonal fashion trends and planning the next vacation are no longer priority.  Money is more consciously spent and more frequently saved.  Long term financial priorities take front seat and trendy must haves fall to the wayside.

Totally not grossed out.  Vomiting, pooping, boogers and drooling are no big deal.  People love holding babies.  We specifically visit babies for the opportunity to hold them, seeing our friends and family is collateral.  There's nothing better than that perfect baby smell and soft baby skin as you cuddle your new mini best friend.  But, all things come to a crashing halt when your adorable bestie spits up all over your favorite cashmere sweater.  There's usually a quick pass off to mommy and a run to the bathroom to try and minimize the damage.  When you respond by giggling and shrug that you've been in dire need to bring the sweater for a good dry cleaning anyway, that's a serious moment of truth.

Are you thinking - SO cute or SO gross?
(image here)

Virgin margaritas taste the same as the real thing, pretty much.  No one's saying that your taste for Cabernet will suddenly vanish, but the thought of not being able to drink alcohol on New Year's Eve is no longer the biggest downer in the world.

Jealousy (much like imitation) is the sincerest form of flattery.  Every toddler, baby, pregnant lady and stroller in your line of sight is noticed.  People who want to live in Paris watch French movies, eat French food and obsessively eavesdrop on strangers with French accents.  People who want to have babies follow baby television shows about babies and awkwardly stare at every baby and pregnant lady that crosses their path.

What are the other telltale signs that you're seeing in people around you 
or you saw in yourself when the time was right?


Chrissy said...

I was excited about my friend's ultrasounds! Seriously. That was when I knew I had changed from normal person to baby crazy. I remember a time when I really didn't enjoy people showing me their ultrasound pictures. I thought it was awkward and never knew what to say. Once, I offered to go with my friend to get her ultrasound if her husband couldn't go, I was so excited about it.

Jessica said...

Several years ago, when I wanted a dog, it's ALL I could think about. I'd see strangers walking theirs and cross the street so I could pet them, I'd spend hours at the pet shop, and I'd put on a pouty face and drag around a leash (attached to nothing) in front of my husband. I thought the same excited/enthusiastic/insane thoughts and behaviors would come out when we were ready to have kids. But this time is very fast approaching, and I never quite felt the same way. I admit that spit-up no longer bothers me, and I see babies and pregnant women and smile, but at the same time I'm fairly terrified at the prospect of having one myself. I probably won't be "ready" until I'm looking at the positive pregnancy test!

WW said...

I have found myself worried about buying a house in a good school district, buying a car that will fit all the kid's sports gear and friends, and leaving one bedroom purposely undecorated for a nursery.

Sometimes I also have to drag myself away from baby items at garage sales.

So I ask you, Baby Blogger Extraordinaire, when is too soon to start preparing for a little one? Must I wait for the double lines to buy baby items?