Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Next Stop

Some of you know why I took a hiatus and some of you may have guessed.  Some of you are just annoyed that I haven't posted in two weeks.  Well, the wait is over.   I'm back.  And, I'm a mom.  That's right, I'm a mom.  My hiatus involved giving birth to my first child, recovering (ouch) from said birth and mostly staring for endless hours at the perfect little person who was one day in my belly and the next in my arms.  There has also been a lot of poop, but we can discuss that on a later date.

For today, I'm just excited to share that I have officially reached my next stop - baby.


Chrissy said...

Congratulations!!!! See, I'm terrible at guessing. I noticed you were gone, but I thought you were probably busy and/or bored.

Enjoy your son :-). Thanks for the update!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

Oh my Leah!!! Congrats!!! I can't believe you didn't share news of your pregnancy with us (or did I miss that?)!!

Best wishes to you and your family :)

Jessica said...

Oh my, Congratulations!!! I was fully expecting a pregnancy announcement, not that the baby is actually here! That's amazing news. You'll have such a wonderful holiday season.

Leah (it's me) said...

THANKS!!! I have so much to share starting next week.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back and congratulations!!!! Cannot wait to read about your adventures in motherhood!! :)
-ella mae