Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something's Fishy With This Nursery

Enough with all the owls.  Yes, everyone loves them.  Everyone wants to have owl themed baby showers and owl themed nurseries and owl themed lives.  They're great, but let's not leave out the rest of the animal kingdom.  Today, it's all about the fishies.  I recognize that fish aren't the cutest or cuddliest of creatures.  Perhaps lions or sheep would have been a more logical choice to follow the trendy owl?  Oh well.  I went with fish and I am so smitten with each of these lovely products.

1. Fresh fish pillow by Mimi Kirchner ($75)
2. Red carp screen printed mini pillow by minimonos ($33)
3. Goldfish pillow by Little Korboose ($25)

This fantastic light switch ($12) cover is made by Turn Me On Art (ha!).  These are trout, yes?  Mixing realistic fish decor with whimsical and cartoonish fish decor is great for creating a cohesive feel without the matchy matchy effect.

This wooden teether ($12) by Little Sapling Toys is eco-friendly (naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, and non-toxic) .  When it's not drool covered and in use, it would be a perfect bit of art for the bookshelf.  Enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase with the coupon code "NEXTSTOP10" (valid between 9/19/11 and 10/10/11).  

Three Eggs makes this Under the Sea hanging mobile ($98).  Each mobile is made to order and the colors can be customized, check out the Etsy shop for all the options.

This fish shaped key/coat/thing hook is made by TR Woodworks.  There are fifteen color choices to paint the piece of reclaimed wood - again, eco-friendly, love it.

Below are two beautiful and different fish prints.  The first is by Gallerie Anais ($14) and the second is by Nella Designs ($15).  

by Gallerie Anais

by Nella Designs


mimi k said...

Thanks so much for featuring my fresh fish! It was wonderful to meet you at Renegade.

WW said...

I want them for my living room! Living by the sea, I will definitely have a fish themed day. Thanks for the great ideas!

4little1s said...

Some great ideas, love them