Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where to Register - Eco-friendly options

In our Inconvenient Truth era (remember Al Gore was the environment lover before he became the poodle lover), ecological friendliness is all the rage.  Tree-loving, recycling passionate, organic and free trade supporting people are all around us.  The eco-friendly movement has found it's way to baby products.  For parents-to-be who want to start their offspring off with the smallest carbon footprint possible, I am pleased to list the following registry options:

Baby Earth

  • Pros - The website offers pre-made registry lists, one of which is the "eco-friendly" registry list.  With the click of a button a full registry is created full of all the organic essentials.
  • Cons - Not everything on the website is eco-friendly, so you have to check each individual product.

Naturally Trendy - update (9/22/11): Naturally Trendy is no longer supporting registries, sad.

  • Pros - This is a 360 degree eco-friendly baby boutique.  ALL of their items are fair trade, organic, upcycled and sustainable.  (Upcycled = the fancy way of saying recycling, the technical definition being something along the lines of taking something old and making it into something of greater value)
  • Cons - Be prepared for upcycled prices.  Pacifiers for example, a two-pack at one of the larger baby registry stores will cost about $5 and here it will cost $7-8 for one.

Wild Dill - Note that the registry is called a "wish list" (the kinder and more eco-friendly way is to wish for rather than straight up ask)

  • Pros - The user-friendly website is adorable in and of itself, the products are truly unique.  I'm fully smitten with the Vegesaurus onesie and hat!!!
  • Cons - The products are limited, almost exclusively, to clothes and toys

  • Pros - Lots and lots and lots of stuff to choose and good sale items too.  There is a rating system so you can identify which products are organic, safe & non-toxic, eco-friendly, good value, baby basic and any combination thereof.
  • Cons - It's almost too much, I got a little overwhelmed looking through the many pages of organic baby goodness has paired with all of the following eco-friendly stores for your registering pleasure:

  • Atlantis Natural - Specializes in products for newborns through 4T (which I just learned means 4 Toddler and, roughly, is meant to fit a 4 year old)
  • Baby Coo - Lots and lots of stuff, but, again with the oddly set up website that makes it hard to find what you want and woah expensive
  • Green Baby Bliss - Shipping is always free with a purchase over $39
  • - Eco-friendly and VEGAN stuff
  • Robbie Adrian Luxury Organics - Eco-friendly and LUXURY stuff ($$$$)

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