Thursday, February 24, 2011

Babies - Last on My To Do List?

From time to time, Next Stop – Baby will feature a guest blogger who offers a new and wonderful perspective on a topic relevant to the baby craze. Attorney by Day, Baby Dreamer by Night is the first of such guest bloggers and I am wicked (!) happy that she is. Enjoy her witty and modern take on wanting to be a mom.

For generations, women played a specific role in the world - we made babies (out of our husbands and reproductively) and took care of them.  Then, in 1873, the first woman attended college and, to the surprise of many, graduated.  From then on, women slowly but surely envisioned a life beyond the four corners of their kitchens.  We set goals, and established standards.  We became increasingly educated, and accordingly, demanded more.  When we met one goal, we set another.  

Flash forward two centuries, and here lies a new definition of a woman: highly-educated, well-versed, well-paid, sassy but single, confident but sensitive, globe-trotting professional, who has accomplished it all by the age of 28.  Surely, she could not want more.  She's got it all!  Wrong.  I've caught the bug.  No, not bed bugs (though I am increasingly suspicious as I go to bed alone every night in my over-priced New York City studio apartment).  No, I've caught the baby bug.  Evolutionarily speaking, I should have popped one out years ago.  Unfortunately, I was pre-occupied. 

Birth (check)
Graduate from elementary school (check)
Graduate from middle school (check)
Make the honor roll and graduate from high school (check)
Get into and graduate from great college (check)
Get into and graduate from law school (check)
Get a good job (check) ...

(3-year intermission) ... now what?  Oh.  Baby in a baby carriage.  Sure, why not.  Seems obvious, right?  Except for one problem - I was also too busy to engage in a stable monogamous relationship that would endure the test of time and my selfish behavior.  So here I am, single, screeching my way to 30, and itchin' for a baby.  Some say, I don't really want a baby - I've just run out of goals.  Accomplished too much too early in life, and now I'm bored.  Others say, it is my inherit female nature coming out.  My hormones are telling me, enough is enough - retreat to your purpose in this world.  You weren't meant to be a bread-winner.  You're supposed to be making babies, just like the other mammals in this jungle of life. 

Whatever the instigator, I can't help but envy the moms-to-be, praying that my day will soon come!  Til then, I entertain the thought of freezing my eggs to be on the safe side.  ;-)

By Attorney by Day, Baby Dreamer by Night

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