Saturday, February 19, 2011

Off the Registered Path - Name Gifts

Here are some ideas for personalized name gifts that probably won't be found on the registry.  The clear obstacle with these great gifts is the name itself.  Presumably you won't know the baby's name when you get the gift because the parent's haven't named the baby yet...because the baby isn't born yet.  Sometimes parents find out the baby's gender in advance and announce their chosen name.  It's rare, but I know of a couple (just one) who did this.  You could also get the unpersonalized version of the gift and then give an IOU to personalize it.  Or, you could use the baby's last name, which will likely be predetermined.

Pillow - A custom made pillow is a practical, personal and beautiful gift that will be enjoyed by both baby and parent.  And it's a gift that will stay practical, personal and beautiful beyond the baby years.  These pillows (below) are custom made by abacus @ home (Etsy crafter).  I especially love the full name version that comes with the embroidered birthdate.  And, while not baby gift relevant, this designer also makes tooth fairy pillows.  How great.

Pillow Blocks - The name blocks (below) are just one of many baby gifts made by Etsy Designer Lovin' Ewe.  They are approximately 4" x 4" x 4" and can be personalized by name and by color scheme.

Minky Snuggle Bunny - In addition to the personalized minky snuggle bunnies (below), this Etsy designer makes a rocking dinosaur, a crab by the name of Carlita and a fabulous shaggy goat.  Check them all out at Auntie Jill's Etsy shop or go to her website ( where you will also find organic versions.  For these cute bunnies, if you don't know the baby's name you could always personalize the bunny ear with "Love, YOUR name."

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