Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birth Announcement - Word Choice

The standard elements of a birth announcement (also known as arrival notification), though there are absolutely NO rules:

1.  Introduction/opening
2.  Baby's name
3.  Arrival date (and time if you want)
4.  Weight
5.  Length

The introduction can be said in many different ways.  Or you can skip it all together.  Here are a few bitten and a few original ideas:

"It is our pleasure to announce the birth/arrival of"

"With joy in our hearts we welcome the birth/arrival of"

"We are proud/pleased/excited/overjoyed to announce the birth/arrival of"

"Without further ado"

"Someone new to love"

"And baby makes three (plus our dog)"

"At long last, she/he has arrived"

"We've expanded our family be two feet"

"We've added a branch to the family tree"

"Oh boy! Oh boy!  It's a girl!!!"

"We welcome with love our new daugher/son"

"A new little YOUR LAST NAME has arrived"

What have you seen and used and received in the mail?


headxplode said...

I am sure you can think of something cleaver with the word "Hook" in it. Or a fishing themed announcement!!!

Whitney Wilson said...

AAAHHH! Brock was signed in on my computer! I think you just found out what a dork I married by his google name which also doubles as his XBox Live name. Wait a minute....Sharktapus...now we are even!

My Angels Boutique said...

I LOVE "Oh boy! Oh boy! It's a girl!" So cute Leah! :)