Monday, February 21, 2011

Decorating a room for IT (cont.) - ABCs and 123s

More fun, unisex nursery ideas.  

If an animal theme is feeling played out to you, consider a letter and number theme.  It doesn't have to be cliche and classroom reminiscent with a bright red A is for Apple poster.  There are more creative (and mellow) ways to do it.  Or, as with the posters below, the two themes can be combined.  

These prints by Potato Patch (Etsy shop) are both classic and current.  Perfect wall decor for your little surprise.  They are also a great example of how earthy, neutral tones can be baby friendly.

All three of these chenille blankets by The Red Pistachio use vintage primary colors that don't overpower, but still pop.  They are handmade (of course, this is an Etsy crafter) and machine washable.  The first two photos are a mini chenille blanket (17.5" x 17.5").  The third photo shows the full sized baby blanket (29" x 35").  Both are super reasonably priced.

Word art is trendy in general right now.  Photos of words, over-sized prints full of loosely related words, chalkboards covered in words.  It's beautiful and simple (if not overt) art.  Taking this trend into a baby's room is easy and works well with the letter and number theme.  Etsy designer Signs of Vintage makes custom wooden signs like the ones below.  You choose the word and you choose the color.  How about "happy" or "grow"?  Or "loved"?  Customizable means it can be whatever you want it to be.

Rugs at The Land of Nod - I also like the 123 and ABC rugs at The Land of Nod.  They have a slightly masculine vibe.  But, I think that could be easily neutralized by playing up the yellow and cream colors when choosing other accents.  

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