Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mini Ballerinas

Last week I was introduced to a new co-worker.  The meeting was somewhat forced when her two children, Ruby and Ethan, started wrestling at the entrance to my office (I have no idea why her children were with her in the office).  I can only guess at their ages.  Maybe 2?  Maybe 4?  As a non-mother the line between toddler and young child is not always clear to me.  Right around the game ending body slam (Ethan 1, Ruby 0) was when the introduction occurred.  I figured it was the polite thing to do after her children had provided me with a solid five minutes of midday distraction.

We exchanged names and I gave a speedy hello to her kids (or toddlers).  Speedy because we both seemed to anticipate an impending tantrum and/or realization of back injury.  Ethan replied with a cartoonish gurgle and waved his hands in the air.  A simultaneous greeting and victory celebration.  Ruby made brief eye contact and then giggled wildly as she pulled her neon green tutu down over her leggings.  It had creeped north toward her stomach during the maylay.  I was surprised by her upbeat attitude given that she just had her clock cleaned.  But she was truly upbeat and extremely focused on straightening the glowy, green tulle to reveal its maximum glory.  There was no time to sulk in the physical and emotional loss.

It was a quick encounter, but made the second half of my day a little lighter and brighter.

Apparently, life's silver lining is a little easier to find when one wears a tutu.  I think this is because the tutu itself is a silver lining.  Check out these fantastic tutus by My Angels Boutique.  How adorable are all these little ballerinas!?

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Kate said...

I just came across this - I LOVE these! It's a great gift idea and every little girl wants to look like a little princess....