Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nobody Likes Gender Neutral Baby Clothes. Nobody.

I've spent a lot of time blogging about gender neutral baby stuff, whether it be gender neutral clothes (here) or baby shower themes (here) or nursery decorating ideas (herehere and here).  The reason for my focus on all things unisex baby has been twofold.  First, I have a bunch of friends who have decided to keep the baby's gender a mystery and so I've been inspired on a personal level.  Second, it's harder to find cute unisex baby stuff than gender specific baby stuff, so I feel that my internet searching/window shopping skills are better put to use.

I've recently become aware of a backlash to my efforts.  Well, not specifically to my efforts, but to the efforts of everyone designing, making and selling gender neutral baby stuff.  Well, not specifically to all gender neutral baby stuff, but to gender neutral baby clothes.  People are seriously boycotting unisex baby clothing.  Have you noticed this?  Is this a new trend or am I just newly aware of it?

These cutie sleepers are by Hanna Anderson 

Lately, when I attend a baby shower for a gender unknown baby, I notice guests gifting the mom-to-be with gender specific outfits.  These clothing gifts include one outfit if the baby turns out to be a boy and one outfit if the baby turns out to be a girl.  Something blue and something pink.  Yellow is out of the mix entirely.

On one hand, the gift giver is getting the mom-to-be baby clothes, which is great because most people avoid gifting clothing for gender unknown babies.  It's also a positive if you think, like most, that gender specific baby clothes are way more adorable than the unisex comparables.  On the other hand, the mom-to-be will eventually have to return one of the outfits. Returning any gift is not ideal, both because you're disposing of a carefully considered item and because it's a pain (receipts, getting to the store, picking out something new, etc.).  The latter must be especially annoying when one is caring for an infant...for the first time.

Target is notoriously bad with baby shower exchanges (FYI)

What are your thoughts on this trend?  Have you participated in it?  Are you a mom who received gifts in line with this trend?



The Mrs./The Mom said...

I happen to be a fan of gender neutral clothes for infants. Infants grow out of their clothes so fast! If I have gender neutral clothing I can use them for any future babies thereby getting them most use out of them. Besides I also think assuimg that mom is a 'pink is for girls' kinda lady is not cool. I knew a few womenon the baby message boards who were "team purple because mommy hates pink"!

Leah (it's me) said...

The Mrs./The Mom - I totally agree! I tend to like gender neutral colors (mint, orange, gray...or just white), I think the practicality of passing down clothes is huge and I'm not a "pink is for girls" person. Check, check and check.

I guess it's probably good for the guests to know their lady of the hour - she either wants the pink tutu and blue overalls or she wants the yellow duck onesie.

WW said...

I kind of think the pink and blue thing is a little tacky. It's like saying boys play with trucks and girls play with Barbie, when we all know that our brothers stole our Barbies (just mine) .

However, I do think they serve the small purpose of defining the babies gender right away. Often times with infants you just can't tell. I will definitely dress my kids in more greens and yellows, but I am also not the time to get mad when a stranger tells me my daughter is handsome.