Thursday, September 6, 2012

Diaper Bags for Everyone

Choosing the perfect diaper bag is a highly important choice in a mom-to-be's life.  A diaper bag is a handbag (of sorts) and deserves the same consumer consideration as a leather boho satchel, a sequin evening clutch or a waxed canvas weekend duffel.  Yes, practicality plays a part that it probably wouldn't with an everyday bag, but that doesn't negate the need for style.  Oh no. 

So, where do you start your search?

Factors for Choosing the Right Diaper Bag:

Cost - Hello.  This is always a factor.  You likely have a budget.  Arguably it's okay to spend a little more on a diaper bag because it will get a ton of hardcore usage and you want it to last.  On the other hand, some (not me) would say that it's purpose is not for style so it's not worth wasting the money on.

Practicality - This factor has many subfactors.  Will it stain easily?  How do you clean it?  Is it well made or will the seams come lose after one big trip to the in-laws?  Are there enough pockets to organize all the baby accoutrement?  Are all those pockets easily accessible or will you be fishing around for a pacifier for 10 minutes while your new infant screams her beautiful head off?

Style - Some may disagree with this factor, but even if you think style is frivolous when it comes to diaper bags, no one wants to carry a hideous bag (diaper bag or otherwise).  Perhaps the newest Marc Jacobs diaper bag isn't for you, but you don't necessarily want a Winnie the Pooh, vinyl disaster. 

Each of the following diaper bags have the trifecta of goodness: cost (everything under $150), practical (multiple interior and exterior pockets) and style (oh yes).

Versa diaper bag by Skip Hop for $70.

Baby bag by Vera Bradley for $99.

Waxed canvas diaper bag by Barnacle Bags for $112.

Satchel diaper bag by JJ Cole for $70.

What diaper bag do you have/want?  How much would you be willing to spend on a diaper bag?  PS - check out an old post (here) that features two other Etsy crafters who make affordable, cute diaper bags.


Chrissy said...

I have a diaper bag that my husband agreed to carry. It's not cute and fun, but it's really comfortable....and I usually don't have to carry it when we're all together. It's this bag in black. I love the bottle holders on the side and the organization options on the inside.

WW said...

I use a scout pocket rocket for school/beach. it would make a great, durable diaper bag.

Leah (it's me) said...

Chrissy and WW - great options.

Here is a link to the Scout Pocket Rocket which goes for $38-$42 on

Also, my expensive diaper bag obsession is the design-it-yourself Susan bag from Lill Studio 1154. It's 2-3 times as expensive as the bags I listed in this post (which is why I didn't include it), BUT the website does host promos with deep discounts and some predesigned susan bags go on sale for as low as $54 (down from $220).

The Mrs./The Mom said...

I have the Versa and quite honestly it's not always big enough. yea the pockets and stuff are great but If you are going to be out for more than 5-8 hours it doesn't hold enough pairs of changing clothes, bottles, snacks, etc. Maybe I just carry a lot of stuff.