Friday, September 14, 2012

Stuff People Google 67

After almost nixing Stuff People Google (here), all the crazies started searching some freaky phrases.  Awesome.

who is the muscular chick with the lisp...

This may be one of my favorite editions of Stuff People Google ever.  The "..." is because I'm actually unable to determine what comes after "lisp", yet I know there was more.  When I see the phrases that people search and ultimately end up at Next Stop Baby, sometimes the phrases are too long for the Google Blogger machine to show me them in their entirety.  Instead, Google Blogger gives me the beginning of the phrase and then an ellipsis to keep me guessing.  There's no way to learn the rest of the phrase.  Blast!  This has never happened before with a Stuff People Google phrase, until today.

What do you think the typist wrote after lisp???  Check back later for the 2nd edition of Name That Bump.

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