Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Turquoise Nursery

Turquoise is the new yellow.  Or, technically, turquoise is the new orange...because orange was already the new yellow.  I'm talking about colors that can be used to decorate a gender neutral baby nursery.  Turquoise is great for a girl and great for a boy.  It's unisexually (huh) great.  

Check out the bare bones turquoise nursery (below) by Lulu Kuku, an Etsy shop that sells the cool world map wall decal (currently on sale for $44.20).  I can definitely picture a little lady or gentleman in that crib.

A friend pointed out this color trend to me and then I found the photo above and then, of course, I went straight to mood board mode.  Voila, here are some beautiful, turquoise nursery ideas.

(Clockwise from top LEFT)
Elephant clock by LeLuni ($52)
Pick stitch crib bedding by Land of Nod ($49)
Squid night light by Happy Owl ($42)
Elephant pillow cover by Modernality ($19.95)
Kitui baskets set of 3 by Bambeco ($45)
Set of 8 4x6 carnival photos by bomobob ($35)


Modernality said...

Thanks so much for the feature!!

Melanie Jones said...

Thanks so much for the feature!!