Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blogiversary Part III - YOU (The readers)

It's the last day of blogiversary fun.  Tomorrow will be back to the usual with the 39th edition of Stuff People Google and it's a mysterious one.  To wrap up the week of blogiversary posts, today I'll share some statistics about YOU, the fantastic readers of Next Stop Baby. 

I'm very grateful for the faithful followers of Next Stop Baby and hope this crew continues to expand over time.  It's hard to tell how many of you there are though I'm fairly certain, after a year, that this group includes more than just my mom.  Chrissy, Jessica Morris and The Mrs./The Mom name a few of these regulars who I have never met face-to-face but feel like I know from their frequent comments.

In addition to regulars, there is a large population of first time and one time readers.  These are folks who find Next Stop Baby thanks to some keen internet searching.  Sometimes these searchers are looking for information actually contained in the pages of Next Stop Baby...and sometimes not so much.  This segways to the first statistic of the day:

Top 10 Search Phrases That Bring People to Next Stop Baby (aka Stuff People Google):

  1. rosie pope speech impediment
  2. farrah abraham
  3. rosie pope speech
  4. catelyn lowell pregnant again
  5. owl themed baby shower
  6. next stop baby
  7. maci bookout pregnant again 2011
  8. how much to spend on a baby shower gift
  9. rosie pope
  10. rosie pope speech problem

The #1 phrase on that list brought 2,667 searchers to Next Stop Baby over the past year.  That's a lot of people typing "rosie pope speech impediment" on their computer screens.  Between Numbers 1, 3, 9 and 10, you can see how obsessed internet users are with Rosie Pope and her speech.  I'm happy to have supplied some relevant information for Rosie Pope haters fans. 

You can also see how often Teen Mom brings people to Next Stop Baby.  People think Farrah Abraham is a hottie.  Period.  Her name, "Farrah Abraham" is very close to overtaking Ms. Pope's lisp issue.  I think it's a photo of her from an old post (below) that's drawn the crowds.  Meanwhile, Catelynn Lowell was rumored to have been pregnant again (wrote about that here) and Maci Bookout spends 50% of her screen time on Teen Mom talking about wanting to get pregnant again with her new ex-boyfriend Kyle King.  Yes, EX-boyfriend -hey broke up about a week ago, or so tells me.  Hence, people want the scoop on both of their uteruses.

Owl themed anything was HOT in 2011, hot like Farrah Abraham.  All my posts that include owl themed baby stuff have been very popular.  I don't know why.  If anyone does know why, please enlighten me.

Then there's the lone ranger: Number 8.  How much does one spend on a baby shower gift?  It's a common concern (and common search phrase) that I tried to answer (here).  In fact, it's even more common than it appears because people search extremely similar phrases (i.e. "how much to spend on baby shower gift" or "how much on a baby shower gift") all the time.  The list only accounts for the exact phrases that were searched the most.  If I were able to add statistics on all the different ways that people searched that question, the combination would be much higher on the list.

You may be interested to know that people outside the U.S. read Next Stop Baby.  Makes sense, this world wide web stretches farther than our American borders.  It's no surprise that the top 4 countries are all English speaking, but who would have guessed that my nursery decorating ideas and rants about rude subway riders would intrigue the Germans and Polish? 

Top Ten Countries that Visit Next Stop Baby

  1. United States 
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Russia
  6. Germany
  7. India
  8. Netherlands
  9. Singapore
  10. Poland

The Polish flag.  I'm grateful for their readership.

That is that for the blogiversary week.  It's been a good year of blogging.  Cheers to another...

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