Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blogiversary Part II - Best Posts

Today is the official blogiversary of Next Stop Baby - the one year anniversary of the First Post on February 8, 2010.  Yesterday I thanked a bunch of people.  Today I'm going to reveal some behind the scenes info about Next Stop Baby itself.  It's gonna be a potpourri of good stuff.

What are the most popular, best posts on Next Stop Baby?  There are a bunch of ways that I've tried to answer this question. 

Random publicity has been an indicator of a more favorable posts.  Back in July 2011, the post entitled Name Poaching - It's a Jungle Out There was featured on Stumble Upon.  I have no clue how Stumble Upon chose this post, but I assume that someone important at Stumble Upon liked it, which is awesome.  Then in last fall, a Canadian radio DJ decided that he liked the post entitled Top 10 Signs Someone is NOT Baby Crazy.  He tweeted it to all his twitter followers, who then retweeted...and so on.  Again, awesome.  Who would have guessed that a male, Canadian, radio DJ would have read Next Stop Baby?

This is Canadian radio DJ Todd Hancock that reads
(or has read) Next Stop Baby.  Seriously.
(photo from his twitter page).  

The most viewed post is another way I've determined what the general population finds to be my best work.  Below is this list.  Rosie Pope and Teen Mom dominate, which isn't surprising because these are hot topics for random internet search engine users.  It's also not surprising that most of the other slots are filled with baby shower themes (Owl, Milk and Cookies, Nursery Rhymes).  These are also topics that a random internet searcher would seek out.  Random, lucky number 7 is a result of Stumble Upon.  In sum, these statistics are almost entirely the result of what people are most likely to search on the internet, and not necessarily what regular NSB followers like most.

Most Viewed Posts:

  1. Rosie Pope Said...Wha???
  2. A Day of Celebration - Teen Mom 3
  3. Teen Mom 3 - It's On
  4. Owl Themed Baby Shower, Hoooo-Hoooo
  5. How Much To Spend On A Baby Shower Gift
  6. Milk and Cookies Themed Baby Shower, MMMMMM Good
  7. Name Poaching - It's a Jungle Out There
  8. Your Burning Rosie Pope Questions
  9. Slightly Scared of Being Pregnant in Heels
  10. Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower, Hey Diddle Diddle
Next is a list of the most commented on posts.  This list gives an idea as to what NSB followers (versus random internet searchers) prefer and find interesting.  Some of the posts on this list were controversial (as controversial as a baby blog can get) and some were hit popculture trends of the moment.  Then there was the recent post entitled Baby Crazed Grandparents that sparked a commenting feud out of nowhere.  I was completely taken aback by the attention this post received.  This list doesn't count Caption Contests and Giveaways.

Most Commented on Posts

1. Rosie Pope Said...Wha?!? (53 comments and counting)
2. Katniss is Not a Real Name
3. Baby Crazed Grandparents
4. A Little Boob Goes a Long Way
5. Giving It The Old College Try

Below is the picture from the very first Caption Contest.  My favorite caption contest and favorite picture.

Now, I'll turn it to you.  What was your favorite post this past year?  Thanks in advance for sharing.  (I'm guilty of saying "thanks in advance" ALL the time, so much so that I probably contributed to it being a phrase on the list from this post)


The Mrs./The Mom said...

'The Blue Ivy consipracy'... I'm a Beyonce fan.

Jessica Morris said...

Congratulations on one year and thanks for the shout-out! Cheers to another year of great posts!