Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Much To Spend On a Baby Shower Gift

This post has a very to-the-point title, unlike the post itself.

I received the following comment on one of my early posts, "What is the appropriate amount of money to spend on a baby shower gift?"  I've taken my sweet time answering this question because it's a tough one.

Googling this question brought me to an endless list of Q&A forums, most of which focused on co-worker baby showers.  Apparently it's a common stress to determine how much to spend on a co-worker's baby shower.  In case you're wondering, the maximum money suggested was $30.  Most answers were less, especially when it concerned contributing to a joint gift.

More generally speaking here are three pieces of advice I found from the consensus of the online public:

  • Minimum of $20 - I don't agree with minimums, so poo poo to the online public.
  • Depends on your financial capabilities - Yes and YES.  This is the most important consideration,  it's unique for everyone and it changes over time.  The amount should be comfortable for your budget.  
  • Depends on your relationship with the mother/parent-to-be - Definitely something to consider in that you will likely want to spend more money for your sister's baby shower than your distant-see-once-a-year cousin's baby shower.  

If you're having trouble, look at all the gifts on the baby shower registry and think about what you would buy for someone who is incredibly special and close to you.  This is probably an easier answer.  Use that gift/cost as a maximum.  Maybe you want to spend your maximum or maybe you want to work backwards depending on your relationship and current income.

Bottom line, there is no mathematical algorithm and any gift will be greatly appreciated.  A mother-to-be that wouldn't appreciate a gift, whether it's cost-less or super expensive, isn't the kind of mother-to-be worth stressing over in the first place.


Creative Design said...

Well said! I think that the price is not as important as the thought that goes in to buying or making the gift! When my daughter was born, I received many VERY expensive gifts! They were all lovely and I adored them all, however, the giant sponge for her to lay on while in the tub was FABO! Cost about $5 at that time! Also, the hand knit sweater sets were also a fav. I was not knitting then and did not have my knitwear shop, but they were cherished for their hand made thoughtfulness!


Mother of Pearl said...

One of the most fun baby shower gifts that I ever made and gave was one square of a baby quilt/wall hanging. Everyone invited was asked to make a quilt square (specifics given as to size, and including name of the giver) and then it was assembled to make a very personal and unique gift. So that was more time and effort and love than money!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

With the popularity of registries, it makes gift buying easier. I usually stick to around $20. If it were an immediate family member I would go higher or a close friend.

I am visiting from the Alexa hop. I hope you have a blessed weekend. I love the blog colors, btw!

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