Friday, February 10, 2012

Stuff People Google 39

Who the hell is Brynlee Lastella?  Today's edition of Stuff People Google is a mystery.

show me the real brynlee lastella

When I saw that someone googled "show me the real brynlee lastella" I was intrigued and decided to google the phrase myself.  I found that Next Stop Baby is in fact one of 7 results that comes up due to a post I wrote on baby names that included Brynlee.  Another 1of the 7 results is a highlight reel from the wedding of Bryn Lee and Mike (here).  But there's nothing that reveals "the real" Byrnlee Lastella...much less the fake one.  So then I googled "Brynlee Lastella" with the quotation marks.  Nothing.  Zero results.  It's a total mystery.

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