Friday, February 17, 2012

Stuff People Google 40

Baby names are a prevalent NSB topic.  I love looking at baby name websites and blogs.  I love discussing baby names with friends.  I love stalking celebrity baby name choices.  I love all things baby name related.  And so, today, not only am I posting a phrase that someone googled, but I'm also taking the liberty of responding to the phrase (it's a question).

is manee a guy or girl name 

Manee isn't a name, if you're defining "name" as a word that is listed on the social security administration website (as a name) or a word that is listed on (as a name).  Both the SSA website and Nameberry are about as comprehensive as it gets in the lovely world of baby names.  But, if you love Manee, here are a few name suggestions that are on those websites, all of which Manee could be used as a nickname:

Boy Names

Girl Names

The only "Manee" I know (not personally) is Manny Ramirez.  I'm assuming that "Manee" would be pronounced the same as "Manny".  FYI, Manny Ramirez's full first name is Manuel. 

Manuel "Manny" Aristides Ramirez Onelcida
image here

I'm all for choosing the name that you like, regardless if it's a name as defined in this post or if it has an unusual spelling.  Your baby, your name choice.  Period.  But, in this specific case, if a person is digging the name Manee...perhaps going with Manny would be a better choice?  For me, "Manee" is too close to manatee and that's not an awesome name reference. 

This is a manatee
image here



Mother of Pearl said...

FYI a manatee is a lovely, sweet, vegetarian marine mammal. They are slow and deliberate and actually graceful in their own way, and they love their babies. They gestate for 12 months, and have singletons, that weigh about 60lbs and are 3 ft long at birth. They nurse their babies for 18 months. Full grown manatees weigh between 800-1200 lbs. You should see them eat a head of lettuce, it's hysterical!

Farah said...

Manee (or Mani) is a Persian name. It is a pretty common name in some parts of Asia, for boys or girls.