Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Off the Registered Path - MORE Name Gifts

Below are some awesome, personalized name gifts for a soon-to-be or already-existing baby.  It's my second collection of this type, my first collection is here.  I've come across so many more fabulous namesake treasures, that a second edition was required.

Bankie Baby makes this certified organic cotton fleece owl blanket.  There are lot of descriptors in that sentence.  Each blanket is designed and handmade by shop owner Katey, who is happy to collaborate with you about customized colors and ideas.

This is the second feature for Petite Lemon in 2 weeks (here is the prior feature).  This Animal Crackers print is adorable and the variety of colors could work with just about any decorum.

The letters below are made by Australian Etsy shop Mooza Designs.  Made from Japanese paper, there is a variety of beautiful colors and patterns.   

I have a soft spot in my heart for baby beanies like the one below, made by Five 18 Designs.  The personalized letter stamp feels far more cool and fashionable (as all infants should be) than other embroidered beanies that I came across.  Check out this Etsy shop for personalized baby and toddler clothing as well.

Sarah + Abraham started out as a small Etsy shop and has grown and grown.  Its speciality is personalized stationery and children's products.  The print below is in the flashcard style.


K. Carlis said...

These gifts are absolutely darling! I always felt it really meant something when my babies received something -just- for them. :)

Vanessa said...

I just learned how to make some of this stuff on picnik through pinterest the other day! Its all so cute!

Leah (it's me) said...

Hi K. - Thanks for reading! I agree that personalized gifts are the best.

Vanessa - Thanks so much for the tip!!! I just checked out picnik and it's awesome. Here is the link for anyone who is interested in making their own personalized prints:

Anonymous said...

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