Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not So Serious Pregnancy Books

I've already shown you some inappropriate baby books and today I'm showing you some hilarious pregnancy books.  It's not that I think you should avoid the super serious and super educational pregnancy books, but you may want a little laughter and commiserating in between all the fluid and mucus talk.  These books are the perfect gift for a lady who doesn't want to know the nitty gritty right away (or at all) and needs to be eased into the subject.

Pregnancy Sucks.  I think that sums it up nicely.  Not every moment of the nine (...more like ten) months is glowing beauty and maternal joy.  There's something uncomfortable, unpleasant and straight disgusting moments.  There's also a husband version - Pregnancy Sucks for Men.

The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy.  If you can get over the slightly cheesy title (sorry, it just is), then you will find this wildly popular book to be a breath of fresh air.  For the holistic, birth plan type lady beware that author Vicki Iovine does a fair amount of natural birth bashing.  For those who've planned on an epidural since learning that a stork has nothing to do with the delivery...this is the ideal read.

Belly Laughs.  Okay, this is the 2nd (maybe 3rd) time that I've plugged Belly Laughs on NSB.  It's one of the few pregnancy books that I've actually read...just a little.  I truly laughed out loud.  I found a chapter about bowel movements (I love potty humor) and was sold. 

Let's Panic About Babies.  People who read this book love it.  It's written by the authors New York Times best seller The Happiness Project.  Review after review hails it to be so funny that everyone and anyone will enjoy it, not just pregnant ladies. 

Melissa Over's Seriously Funny Guide to: Pregnancy.  This one is a little bit of a mystery to me.  The title suggests that we should know who Melissa Over is, but we don' we?  It's a relatively new (Oct. 2010) and quick read, and it's supposed to be seriously funny.  Badumbum Ching!

Did you or do you plan to read any non-traditional pregancy guides?  
Talk about it!

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