Monday, August 1, 2011

Bonkers for Baby Bonkies

Have I finally taken my need to alliterate post titles too far?

Let's talk (aka: I'll write, you read and comment) about the phenomenon of swaddling.  I probably use the word phenomenon too often, but in this case it happens to be accurate.  Swaddling is the act of binding a baby's arms firmly against his/her little body with a blanket or, as I'm about to show you, a Baby Bonkie.

Why is swaddling a phenomenal method of parenting?  When the baby is in utero he or she is packed like a pickle.  The outside world is a sudden mess of overwhelming stimuli.  Swaddling mimics that pickle jar condition and eases the transition.  Infants have strong startle reflexes that can trigger a flailing limb into an unsuspecting eyeball.  Eye poking injuries are made impossible when those arms are locked down in a mini straight jacket.  Swaddling also keeps the baby warm, which is especially important for newborns whose body temperatures take a bit to regulate.

Back to the Baby Bonkie (more alliteration...awesome).  The Baby Bonkie is like a How To Swaddle for Dummies tool and made me look like a swaddling pro without a stitch of practice.

EXHIBIT A - The step by step process of me swaddling a DIY Home Improvement book...remember, I don't have a baby.

Step 1 - Slip the book in the Bonkie

Step 2 - Pull up the bottom flap

Step 3 - Pull over the left flap and secure the velcro

Step 4 - Pull over the right flap and secure the velcro

Step 5 - That book looks snug as a bug in a Baby Bonkie

It was so fun and easy that I then swaddled a bag of rolls.  
Those brioches look colic-free to me.

Other than being user-friendly (even for my babyless self), here are other things I love about the Baby Bonkie:

  • Well made
  • Eco-friendly options
  • Velcro fastens instead of zipper (accidentally zipping some soft baby skin would be a nightmare)
  • The fabrics options are beautiful - the designs are fun and colorful without being hokey.  Some designs come in a cotton exterior and minkee lining and others come in a minkee exterior and minkee lining.   

Now, it's only fair that I show you an actual baby in a Baby Bonkie (in case the book and bag of brioches didn't give you an accurate idea). 


Anonymous said...

Hey Leah,

another "new phenomenon" (well, new to the east coast and me)is a bonding blanket or bonding doll?! I was in court on friday and a woman noticed my "condition" and insisted that I get a "Twinkle baby" ASAP! so, I googled it, read about it and now I want one! however, no where here sells these.....have you come across these?! I'm going to order one....just now have to decide if a "doll" for our future son is "cool" with my husband.

~ Kate...aka friend of WW

Leah (it's me) said...

Kate! I have never heard of this bonding blanket/'s google time.

Mother of Pearl said...

Funny and fun blog! In the "old" days we used to swaddle a baby with a blanket (a soft, appropriately sized baby blanket). One noticeable flaw in the whole prepackaged swaddle tool is that baby's head sticks out like a bean!!! With the old fashioned blanket swaddle, one corner forms a hood or you can include the head in the blanket coverage and then even baby's brain is warm and snug. hmmm... so, where is the baby brain in the babybonkie bundle?