Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inappropriate and Awesome Baby Books

This is a list of inappropriate, bad and gross baby books.  And I love everyone of them.  It takes the right kind of parent to happily receive and frequently indulge in the following gems, but what hits they could be.

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi.  It's a non-fiction.


Baby's First Tattoo by Jim Mullen.  This puts classic memory books to shame.  Rather than documenting all the cooing and rolling over, this book prompts you to document the projectile vomiting and public tantrums (aka the real memories).


Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach is a real heartwarmer about the pure joy of nightly bedtime rituals.  


Baby Get Me Some Lovin' by Lisa Brown is part of the Baby Be of Use series, which also includes Baby Make Me a Drink and Baby Fix My Car.


Monsters Eat Whiny Children by Bruce Eric Kaplan is another non-fiction.  It's time for your children to know the truth.


The Taking Tree: A Selfish Parody by Shrill Travesty is a tale about a greedy little boy and a helpless tree.  It should help drive home the reality that there is NO money tree in the backyard and there never will be.



Lia Capri said...

Fun fun fun...can't wait to read these to my future little ones. I'm really looking forward to starting an extensive baby library.

Kendall (On An Inhale) said...

These are great! So buying them for my cousin who is expecting a girl this September. My type of humor!

Anonymous said...

These are f*ckin great

monsterina said...

Ha! Just put 'Monsters Eat Whiny Children' on hold at the library. Could totally use that one around here.