Monday, July 11, 2011

Your Burning Rosie Pope Questions

As you know, I keep track of internet searches that bring people to Next Stop Baby.  I post a phrase every Friday, usually one that is particularly funny or creepy (check out the Stuff People Google page).

Over the short life of this blog, searches about Rosie Pope have dominated.  Seven of the top ten searched phrases that have led the typist to Next Stop Baby involve Ms. Pope.  The #1 phrase (about her) received over 2,400 searches.  Here are the seven (exact) phrases with their Top 10 ranking.

#1 - rosie pope speech impediment
#2 - rosie pope speech
#4 - rosie pope speech problem
#5 - pregnant in heels host speech
#6 - does rosie pope have a speech impediment
#7 - pregnant in heels host
#10 - why does rosie pope talk funny

With the exception of #7, all searches about Rosie Pope have involved her peculiar manner of speech.  I previously addressed this issue, to the best of my ability, in the post Rosie Pope Said...Wha??? and she also discussed it in an interview by The Daily Beast.

Today, I will address some lesser searched questions about Ms. Pope that have come to my attention and the answers I have found.

Is Rosie Pope pregnant?  Not at the moment.  She gave birth to her first son, James Roderick (aka J.R.) Pope, in 2008, and to her second son, Wellington (aka Wells) Reade Pope, in 2011.  Both sons were conceived naturally, though she underwent IVF in an attempt to conceive her second child.

Rosie with her husband Daron and son J.R.
(image HERE)

Did she really go to Columbia University?  Yes, according to the biography on her own website, she received a Presidential Scholarship to study neuroscience at Columbia University.  What's interesting is that her biography doesn't list the year she graduated or the degree she obtained.  In several interviews I read, she said that research wasn't her passion and so she turned to the maternity clothing line...I think that's code for  "I dropped out," but couldn't find proof one way or the other.

Is she a Baroness? Yes, in a slightly more legitimate way than Countess LuAnn.  She was born with the title until her mother renounced it about a decade ago.

What is her maiden name?  I have no idea.  I've searched high and low and it remains a well kept secret as far as I can tell.

What is her professional background?  Her resume is pretty diverse and includes professional dancing, fashion modeling and neuroscience studies at Columbia University.  Funny enough, her least interesting former job has the strongest tie to her growing maternity clothing empire - a sales clerk at Pea in a Pod.  I've read two differing stories about this stint.  One said she worked at Pea in the Pod while at Columbia and it inspired her to pursue her own maternity clothing line.  The other said that she applied for the job at Pea in the Pod knowing that she wanted to open her own maternity store and, thus, hoped to soak up as much experience as possible.  The latter seems more likely to me.  She founded Rosie Pope Maternity in 2008 and MomPrep (her maternity concierge service) in 2010.  Bravo filmed Pregnant in Heels in 2010 and the first episode aired in 2011.  It seems that Pregnant in Heels hasn't yet been signed for a second season, but if the amount of interest Ms. Pope's speech has stirred is any indication of overall interest in the program I'd say we can expect Bravo to ask her back for several more seasons.

What does Daron Pope (her husband) do?  He is a former investment banker and the current president and CEO of Rosie Pope Maternity and MomPrep.

Does Rosie Pope's tongue look short?  Much like defining beauty, the answer to this question is in the eye of the beholder.  I haven't noticed the length of her tongue, but good for those who have - attention to detail is an asset.

SNL skit that attempts to answer
 Rosie's speech and tongue issues

(view this hysterical spoof HERE)

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