Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wooden Nursery Treasures

All of these delightful treats have (at least) one thing in common - they're made of wood.  The appeal of these products for me, other than the fact that they are unique and beautiful, is that they are gender neutral.  Each item would be great in a baby girl or baby boy's nursery.  And wood, as a material, has a mature character that could easily transition a space from a nursery to a bedroom.

Check out these vintage children's chairs from Old New House.  Before your little one figures out how to sit upright, they could function as shelves for books or bags or a resting spot for an over-sized stuffed animal.

by Old New House

This alligator peg rack by Maple Shade Kids is colorful and playful in all the right ways.  The details are eco-friendly: non-toxic paint, non-toxic glue and a soy-based sealer.  Use the coupon code "NextStopBaby" to receive 15% off your entire purchase (excluding shipping).

by Maple Shade Kids

This bookend by Graphic Spaces has a modern flare for a bookshelf full of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. There are tons of designs (fox, bunny, etc.) but the bird family is my favorite.
by Graphic Spaces

This moon is part of a mobile by Seven Acre Toys.  It's so simple and pretty.

by Seven Acre Toys

Like all things on Etsy (that aren't vintage), this rocking horse by RMD Creations is handmade and unique.  It's toddler sized and adorable.


Mommie Couture said...

I'm in love with those chairs from the first picture!

Mother of Pearl said...

Once upon a time I bought my kids a rocking horse from a "furniture in the raw" store, and finished it myself to save money... moral of the story: don't paint your horse red, your floors will not thank you.