Monday, July 25, 2011

Double the Baby...Double the Baby Shower Gift?

I've been on a baby shower "how to" kick lately (last week's post - Hosting a Baby Shower).  It's very now in my life.  I'm going to more baby showers then I ever have and expect even more in the future.  Hence, another post about a baby shower FAQ.  Does a baby shower for double the babies (aka twins) mean double the gift giving?

Answer - No, you aren't required to give more gifts just because the mother-to-be is pregnant with more babies (though it would help), but you may need to adjust your gift giving style.  There are two babies, so one amazing teether isn't going to suffice.  The parents-to-be are going to need two of everything, and two is more than one.  How do you handle this as the gift giving guest (gggggg....)?

  • Spend more money and get more stuff - This is the obvious option that should be chosen in an ideal world where you have all the money you need and want.  Most of us have to skip straight down to any other available option.  
  • Spend the same money, but buy practical products for two - Instead of buying one $40 plush snuggle blanket, buy two $20 sets of bottles.  Skip the $50 safari animal mobile and buy $50 worth of diapers.  Way back when (read: March 2011), I extended my opinion on baby showers when it comes to Practical versus Adorable gift giving - I believe in buying practical.  This belief is amplified when you have the same amount of money that must stretch further.
  • Share in a joint gift - If you know anyone else going to the baby shower, see if she's interested in combining financial forces and getting a joint gift.  Bigger quantity (and more expensive) items give you greater bang for your buck.  For example: Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers Size 2, 100 count costs $24.58 ($0.2458 per diaper) and 258 count costs $51.74 ($0.2005 per diaper). is awesome and shows you the cost per diaper breakdown, so you don't have to do the calculations yourself.  Bottles, onesies, and wipes also come in large quantities.


I'm also on a YouTube kick lately.  Here is a classic twin clip.  Da da da da da...

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