Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Willow Sage Hart = WINNER

NSB's first poll (more to come) asked readers to vote for their favorite celebrity baby girl name of the following choices (percentage of total votes included):

Willow Sage Hart (61%) - daughter of Pink and Carey Hart
Agnes Lark Bettany (14%) - daughter of Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany
Kira Katherine McIntyre (22%) - daughter of Barrett and Joey McIntyre
Cleo Buckman Schwimmer (15%) - daughter of Zoe Buckman and David Schwimmer

Kira Katherine shot off to an early lead, but Willow Sage took over shortly thereafter and held strong through the finish.  It wasn't much of a competition.  At all.  So, why do y'all love Willow so much?  Side note: whenever I hear someone say "y'all" in actual conversation my mind flashes to Britney Spears, driving a jeep down a dirt road with a baby bopping on her lap as she yells in that southern twang, "I'm country Y'ALL!!!"

Here are a few facts about this beloved name:

  • English in origin
  • Unisex - Willow Smith (daughter of Jade Pinkett Smith and Will Smith) and Willow Barker (little know actor who starred in the 2009 short film entitled Ramen Noodles).  Okay, truthfully, it has never been in the Top 1,000 boy's name list.  Never ever.  It first appeared onto the Top 1,000 girl's name list in 1998 and has steadily climbed the ranks, coming in at 290 in 2010.  So, actually, it's not all that unisex.  I lied.
  • Possible and terrible nickname = Pussy Willow
  • Title of cult classic 1988 film about a reluctant dwarf who must "play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen" (via IMDB)

Comments about other interesting Willow facts are encouraged.


WW said...

I read in People magazine that Willow is Pink's favorite tree. "It is the most flixible tree in nature." Sage is "cleansing and sacred".

All together: Flexible, cleansed heart.

I also learned Suri Cruise's favorite icecream flavor...if THAT doesn't sell magazines, I am not sure what will.

Leah (it's me) said...

Dearest WW - I heart the meaning of Willow Sage Hart. Heart Hart. I wonder if any of the other celeb mommies were equally thoughtful in their name choices...almost as much as I wonder about Suri Cruise's favorite icecream flavor.