Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things You Must Do With a Baby

I've categorized a few posts as Things You Can't Do With a Baby (i.e. sleep and get fall down drunk).  Living in the limbo of post wedding season and pre child birth, I can't help but consider the things that I will lose when I have baby.  With that next step on the horizon, I have an enduring feeling that I must get in all of my wild and crazy moments now.  I am ever conscious of the small and big ways that my day-to-day will change with pregnancy and motherhood.  The truth is that I will have plenty of wild and crazy moments post child, but I find myself obsessing over my baby bucket list.

And then I saw the following during a commercial break from the Bachelorette (of course I watch, did you expect any less?).

My childhood memories set to the sounds of Keane were perfection.  The original cast in their original glory.  No uber modern, 3-D, high tech upgrade.  The authentic look and feel.  Simple and classic.  Winnie the Pooh.

I made it halfway through the 2 minute 11 second preview before my eyes started to water.  I literally felt a lump in my throat - that cliched, but genuine, ache around where I imagine my tonsils begin.  I thankfully held it together, then turned to my husband (who was doing his best to ignore the Bachelorette and read a weird sci fi book) and said, "That is why we must have a baby."

Oh bother.

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